I Use Design Thinking to Create Human Experiences.

Moe Hachem is an Experience Designer based in Beirut, Lebanon.

What is Experience Design?

From the very second you wake up, you're constantly bombarded by design in very different scales, and very different dimensions. These designs whether you acknowledge them or not are constantly affect the way you experience the world.

You experience design as a simple unassuming post-it note, or through the chair that you're sitting on, that's inhabiting the room you're currently occupying and the urban surrounding that defines the city you live in.

Design is everywhere, design is everything. You experience design on a mobile application, just as much as you when you use a post-it note, or when you ride a car. How one city can make you feel oppressed, and the other liberated, or how a well thought out app can spare you a trip to the grocery store so you can spend your free time with your loved ones? Those are all consequences of design.

In today's world, design can no longer be segmented, as tempting as it might be to do so. Design is in the very air we breath, and it defines our lives, so much so that design has broken our perception of reality when the digital makes its way into the physical world through augmented and mixed reality applications.

What is experience design?
Experience design is the creation of real, genuine human experiences.

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Choose Your Experience

It is tempting to break up and package (user) experience design into smaller subcategories to limit their scope, but is that truly reflective of how you experience the world? Or do your experiences extend into the physical world, the digital world, and the intersection of all these worlds?

I invite you to choose your experience and learn more about experience design and how it applies to the different dimensions it occupies.

Work ethic

I deliver a clean and functional design that places the user's needs first and meets outlined strategical business goals.

Design is not subjective. On the contrary, design has a goal, and this goal needs to be met. I make sure your goals are met.

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Reach out, and we can talk about work, design, philosophy, or grab a cup of coffee, I'll be more than happy to get back to you.