The 961 Foundation


Nothing is as fulfilling as designing for a cause and knowing that your designs are making a difference, even if minute. I was happy to collaborate with The961 Foundation to create up to 15 to 20 designs that could be sold as merchandise to raise funds to help people on the ground.

The 961 Shop

Designs for a NGO

The 961 Foundation is associated with "The 961". The main scope of the work was to prepare graphic design elements that could be used in a variety of gift shop items to raise funds through the foundation's "The 961 Shop". All proceeds from the purchases will go to help the Lebanese people.

Almost all of the Arabic-script designs feature a custom script that I had designed specifically for this project. These can be distinguished through their highly orthogonal and rectilinear forms.

The Collection





Final Thoughts

When you design for a cause, you aren't creating designs to be consumed and forgotten, but rather to generate awareness and attempt to mobilise the populace. You're indirectly creating a shared experience that may or may not translate on the ground.

I'll leave you with this question to ponder: Is a designer simply a person who creates graphics? Or a person that creates whatever they need to create in order to drive a message and act in a socially responsible manner? There is no right or wrong answer as the answer itself will depend on where you as an individual decide to draw the line.