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I believe good design is innovative, functional, clean, and honest.
If you agree with this statement, read on.


I am an Experience Designer that is currently based in Beirut, Lebanon.

I'm originally from Lebanon (Beirut), but I grew up in Kuwait, studied in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), lived briefly in Spain (Barcelona), Turkey (Istanbul)*. Growing up I've always been exposed to a multi-cultural upbringing so much so that I find myself easily able to identify with other cultures. My diverse upbringing has taught me not to just be tolerant and accepting, but also adaptive, and conducive to multi-cultural conversations, dialogue, and aware of cultural sensitivities.

Does visiting a country 4-5 times every year for 5 years count as briefly living in said country?

I studied Architecture at the American University of Sharjah, after which I became an Experience Designer. You might be curious to ask why did an architect switch into the field of UX or Experience design, and the answer is simple: I wanted to create an impact. Architecture was fun, but the impact it had was very limited especially in the MENA region, and I wanted to help the average person improve their quality of life. User experience design and Architecture are so related that the only real difference is the final output, and whether that final output is customizable.

As an Experience Designer and avid technologist, I can work with developers and speak their language. I leverage my understanding and experience using a range of programming languages. I can fill in gaps in teams when my team needs me to temporarily fill in for a front-end developer or an art director, and have done so on multiple occasions. Understanding how developers approach coding allows me to create technically feasible designs and to empower users.

Now I am creating designs that improves the quality of life of the average person, helps them run their business, or pursue their hobbies, and it's fulfilling to know people are benefiting from my work. If my design managed to bring a smile to your face, then I'll consider that a job well done.



User Experience Designer at

I'm currently a User Experience Designer at Tinkerlist.TV, a Belgium-based SAAS platform that streamlines television production work. I work closely with the product, customer success, and business team to create a platform revamp that will make a one-man-band television production a walk in the park by leveraging automation and embedding sophisticated intelligence into the software.


Senior User Experience (UX) Designer,
and Customer Experience Designer (CX) at Ecomz

I'm was the Customer Experience Designer (CX) and Senior User Experience Designer (UX) at Ecomz. I worked with the marketing team, product team, and to bring a brand new look and feel, a complete UX overhaul to make Ecommerce easy, and a highly powerful website builder that allowed users to intuitively build a highly customizable Ecommerce website.


American University of Sharjah

Bachelor’s of Architecture . N.A.A.B Accredited . 2014

I completed 178 credits split between architecture, visual communication, and product design. I was the chapter president of the American Institute of Architecture Students.

University of Michigan

User Experience Research and Design Specialisation . 2020

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University of Virginia - Darden School of Business

Digital Product Management Specialisation . 2020

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University of California, Irvine

Project Management Principles and Practices Specialisation . 2020

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Institute for the Future

Futures Thinking Specialisation . 2020

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University of Illinois

An Introduction to Accessibility and Inclusive Design . With Honors . 2020

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Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner . 2019

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Enterprise Design Thinking - Team Essentials for AI . 2019

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