A collection of projects that encompass the different forms of experience design.

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Coming Soon

There are always new projects being prepared to add to my body of work. The following are some of the new projects that you'll be able to view when the designs are ready to go public.

Theme Builder

A theme builder project currently under development with more than 1200+ screens, designed interactions, layouts, and more than 130 pages worth of research to back up all design decisions. This is UX taken to a whole new level.

SAAS Platform Revamp

An ecommerce platform is getting a much needed revamp to make sure that it's user flow, and user experience is smooth, logical, and universally accessible. Bonus points for also being the "developer" on a side project.

Lebanese Red Cross

An application designed in response to the explosion that took place on the 4th of August. This is socially responsible, and socially responsive design in action. I am reaching out to the Red Cross to kickstart this project.