Experiencing the World Between

Exploring experience design at the crossroads between the digital and the physical world, as well as mixed reality (MR) experiences.

The Intersection of the Digital with the Physical

Experience design is not limited to either the real world or the digital world. Experience design inhabits the boundary between both worlds and changes the way we interact with and understand our surroundings.

The intersection of the digital and the physical produces very interesting results in the experience design world. Where do we draw the line to define what is a purely physical experience versus a purely digital experience, and what can be defined as an experience that lies within the intersection of both worlds?

The boundary line is not straight. My interpretation of the intersection point is as follows:

The intersection is the point in which a design heavily relies on the physical and the digital world to exist.

The intersection can also be the more literal intersection point created by mixed reality (MR) and augment reality (AR) applications that alter the way we perceive reality as we interface with it through a new set of eyes (screens).