Experiencing the Digital World

Exploring how user experience design is typically understood, and how visual communication affects perception.

What is Experience Design?

When most people think experience design, they're probably thinking about user experience design (UX), or one of the other fancy-sounding acronyms that no one knows what the actual difference is like CX, BX, PX, UI, and XD.

We will be exploring various designs between UI/UX and CX projects, and visual communication to better understand how visual design affects the way we perceive the world around us.

Oasis Grocery Delivery App UI/UX Research Project

Ecomz Website

The Ecomz website is a full-fledged UX, UI, and web development project for a SaaS B2B website. The project looks at what makes a website trustworthy, brand and customer experience, and sets the standard for future development within this platform. The project dives deep into the UX thought processes, art direction, and web development. This project highlights the importance of designers understanding code and how to design experience like an architect.

Oasis Grocery Delivery App UI/UX Research Project

Ecomz Help Centre

The Ecomz help centre project is a comprehensive UX/UI design and development project. The help centre is an extension to an existing platform and borrows from its design identity to create a continuous brand experience. The project includes the entire UX design process as well as web development.

Oasis Grocery Delivery App UI/UX Research Project

Oasis Grocery

Oasis is a grocery delivery app that seeks to jump onto the e-commerce wave. The app focuses on creating a user-centric approach towards design that highlights user-friendliness, branding identity, and functionality to enhance the customer experience. The entire design process is covered here from research to ideation, to defining the MVP, and the creation of the final prototype.

BETA Pet Adoption UI/UX and Research Project

B.E.T.A Pet Adoption

A thorough user experience research project that begins from A to Z. This is an overhaul of BETA's existing UI/UX that aims to boost the NGO's online presence by conducting user research and heuristic analysis to create a data-informed and a data-driven design approach.

MENtality UI/UX Project


Mentality is a website UI/UX case study brief that aims to establish an online platform that would encourage men to be brave and to speak up about their mental health. To encourage a dialogue the design needed to convey a sense of friendliness, warmth, and honesty.

The961 Graphic Design and Rebranding Project

The 961

A collaboration with The 961 which is the leading online English media site that caters to the Lebanese people in Lebanon, and abroad. This specific collaboration is a re-branding proposal that aims to create a new brand identity and create a logo that would invoke a sense of Lebanese nostalgia while also appearing contemporary.

The961 Foundation Graphic Design Project and Social Responsibility of Design.

The 961 Foundation

Nothing is as fulfilling as designing for a cause and knowing that your designs are making a difference, even if minute. I was happy to collaborate with The961 Foundation to create up to 15 to 20 designs that could be sold as merchandise to raise funds to help people on the ground.

Design of Dissent - Graphic Design Project exploring the Social Responsibility of Design.

Design of Dissent

I strongly believe that design should never take place in a vacuum. Design has a powerful ability to influence, inform, and when used maliciously misinform people. I believe that design should be a tool used for social empowerment and that designers should never shy away from being political when the end goal is to create a better world for all humans of all races, creeds, beliefs, and orientations.